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 Rules!!!!!!!!!!! (Must read)

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PostSubject: Rules!!!!!!!!!!! (Must read)   4th March 2008, 9:37 pm

Here are the final rules!


1.Respect your leader
2.No abusing powers
3.No banning people from forums without permission of the admins (Sasa and me)
4.No cheating at all (only idiots do that)
5.No insulting other clans.
6.Always post a funwar after playing if im not around.
7.Dont multiclan.(3 or more clans)
8.Only Leaders and Co-leaders can recruit.
9.Dont be a jerk.
10.No mistreating the members,even trainees deserve respect!
11.Dont mess with forums,i didnt give u admin to go make us tired.
12.No playing agaisnt these clans:
13. No exposing private stuff to outside people.

Rules to get into the clan:
1.Not an ex cheater
2.Not a cheater as well
3.Not a double clanner
4.Respect the members with higher ranks,and members respect them too.
5.Win 5 scrims for the clan,get 1st position in 2 games (win or lose dont count)
6.Always be active in forums
7.Get voted in
8.Know more than 8 clan members.Or get to know them here

What will happen if you dont obey the rules:
1.Kicked from the clan👢
2.Banned from forums:w:
3.If u added me in xfire or msn i will delete you and never want to see u again.:whip:

P.s.:No use crying cause once youre out of the clan you stay out of it forever unless we change our minds.

The rules are simple.Play fair,love the clan Wink .Think of it as your 2nd home.Hope ya'll have a nice time in this clan we will try the best to make you feel at home.Smile

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Rules!!!!!!!!!!! (Must read)
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